Love Angles #4

​Kolade couldn’t help but contribute to the class, it was not like he would have kept quiet though, but he tried restraining himself because it was his bestfriend’s twin that was in front. He liked her as a human but didn’t like dealing with her academically. He had found out since their first year that […]

Love Angles #3

​           A week had passed since the end of the school exams and also since Tae went home and left Kolade in school.  It had been boring for him without her but being the jovial person he was, he had played it off by teasing classmates and reading. He had […]

Love Angles #2

Hello everyone, it’s been a long break between episode one and two and am really sorry for that, do enjoy this new episode. Subsequent ones will be released soon. ***                ***            *** “Boo!” ” Bae!” “What are you so serious about? ” “It’s […]

Birthday gift-tamed

 Yea, so it’s my birthday today and I decided to gift myself and everyone with a collection of poems have been working on for a while titled TAMED.  It’s a collection of twenty poems written for people to learn and also for sheer poetry enjoyment. Am sure we all will enjoy it. It’s presently on […]

Who goes first? 

​         Sometime ago, a friend borrowed a note from me and promised to return it the next day. My friend almost swore but I stopped her and just took her words for it. A week passed but the note was not returned. At this point, I was getting angry and desperate. […]

A Writer’s Disease

It’s really been a long a while and i do apologize for being such a bad blogger. I hope to improve though. Thanks a lot for sticking with me. Writing and other things related to it take a lot of commitment to do. Before I started my blog, I felt eager to share my thoughts […]

What Christmas Did For Us!

How it all Started Gen1:26-28 Well that was how we came about but the first man Adam fell and lost favor in God’s sight and so he and his offsprings were cursed, still men did not change so much that  Gen6:6-7 said When Naoh found favour in God’s sight we were spared again because God loved […]